When you’re searching for answers or options in today’s ever-growing digital age— a good Greek restaurant to dine at, the amount of bamboo a panda consumes in one day, a top-tier hair salon for a unicorn dye job, a reliable hardwood flooring company, etc.— most of us ask Google, otherwise known as the king of the web. From there, we click on the top links that pop up in the search engine results. This is the magic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The ultimate goal for any website owner is to rank on the first page of Google for their particular niche. For the benefit of your website’s digital reputation, Webstyle has compiled 5 easy do-it-yourself SEO tips that will significantly improve your site’s SEO ranking with Google.

SEO TIP 1 |  Link Your Social Media Channels

Source: www.reliablesoft.net/seo-boost-your-social-media-profiles/

If done right, social media can play a huge role in SEO efforts. It’s a complicating relationship tangled in countless codes of algorithm. Social media encourages social engagement— shares, likes, comments, etc.— which helps build brand awareness. Social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., presents the opportunity to create a quality experience for your audience to direct them to your website. According to Forbes, it’s a positive domino effect that alerts Google about your increased brand presence, and the more brand searches your brand receives, the higher it’s likely to rank.

SEO Tip 2 | Select and Highlight Keyword Phrases

Source: www.optigroove.com/blog/58/seo-keyword-research

This is a significant SEO tip for those with a blog. Before writing a post, identify a good search term or keyword phrase related to the niche you want your post to show up for. For example, if I am writing about chiropractic services for back pain, I’ll want to conduct research to find out what specific terms and phrases people are using to search for when looking up chiropractic services for back pain. Be sure to incorporate one or two of those keyword phases in the header and body of your content.

SEO Tip 3 | Never Sacrifice Good Writing for SEO Words

Source: www.bloggytalky.com/write-best-seo-friendly-content-website-blog/

Content reliability is vital for the success of search engine ranking. Focus on high-quality content that will keep your audience engaged and informed. Advised by Blogher, valuable content will always trump keyword saturation. Make sure your content is relevant to the niche you want to be searched for.

SEO Tip 4 | Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Source: www.chalkward.com/blog/digital/mobile-friendly-website

It is imperative that your website is mobile-friendly to compete in today’s internet-driven world. According to Tech Crunch, Google is downgrading websites that are not mobile optimized. Update your website to cater to the screens of current and upcoming smartphones. If you need a hand, let Webstyle help give your site a competitive edge with our expertise in mobile usability.

SEO Tip 5 | Establish a Google My Business Account

Source: www.thesiteedge.com/how-to-optimize-your-google-my-business-page-for-success/

Set up a Google My Business account to help boost your business’ local ranking. This is SEO advice straight from Google, when you establish your business info and claim your physical address, this will enhance your presence in both searches and maps. Google My Business will allow the opportunity for positive reviews from your customers which will help improve your business’ visibility. Make sure to keep your location(s) and opening hours updated at all times.